The NAAS in collaboration with the ICAR and Indian Agricultural Research Institute will be organizing XIV Agricultural Science Congress at New Delhi from February 20-23, 2019 on the theme "Innovations for Agricultural Transformation". The four-day event will include technical sessions, plenary sessions, public lectures, farmers sessions, poster presentations, inter-university student elocution contest, panel discussions and number of satellite meetings. Moreover, ASC-AgriTech-2019 exhibition will be a major event in this Congress. A large number of participants cutting across the disciplines of researchers, faculty, policy makers, farmers, entrepreneurs, development departments, corporate and private sector leaders, NGOs and students shall be attending this biennial Congress of the Academy.

The theme of the Congress, "Innovations for Agricultural Transformation", is central to the national complementary pledges of building a New India and Doubling Farmers' Income by 2022. The New India must be free from hunger, undernutrition, poverty, and glaring inequalities. And, Agriculture is the foremost sector to free the nation of these persisting maladies. The Congress will provide an intellectually rich multi-stakeholder platform for discussing and critically analyzing veritable disruptive innovations for transforming agriculture and food systems to reshape India. The Congress will showcase agriculture not only as the main source of employment and livelihood security for nearly 50 percent of India's population, bulging to be the largest in the world by 2025, but also as a business opportunity, service provider, industry, and ecosystem protector.

Reflecting on the journey from the Green Revolution to the Gene Revolution, the Congress will underpin the need for innovations to drive congruent acceleration of productivity, profitability, sustainability, and inclusivity. Besides leaps in genetic enhancement, innovations in precision agriculture, natural resource management, climate smart agriculture, mechanization, micro-irrigation (per drop more crop), ICT, digital technology, farmer-market linkage, value chain and post-harvest management, renewable energy, price realization, and, of course, farmers' net income will be duly discussed.

Along with innovative technologies, the Congress will examine and identify the uncommon synergistic transformative policies, strategies, institutions, partnerships, processes, products, investments, business models, trade, group dynamics (FPOs, cooperatives), and human resources development. Further, in this fast changing globalized world, and keeping in mind the increasing appreciation of local-global interdependence, increasing volatilities of climate change, achieving the SDGs by 2030, the Zero Hunger Challenge and the Paris Declaration, the Congress will analyze the scope of international partnership toward creating Evergreen Revolution for Evergreen Economy.

The Organizing Committee through this announcement is requesting all stakeholders to join this mega event. Your participation will be very important in identifying business unusual approaches and strategies including policy options in Transforming Indian Agriculture through Innovations. Please visit the website www.14ASC2019.in for details and updates.

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